Thursday, 5 January 2017

Hello everyone

Welcome to my blog, where with the aid of the android Chipperman we will get all the juice of informatics and computer science. Chipper means jolly, happy and lively, this is how I feel starting this project in which you, with your comments and contributions, are going to be the most important part. We will discuss topics of great interest, including not only posts about technical things but also about work planning and motivation.

What makes Chipperman a perfect android is not only his great attitude and motivation. He is also able to crush those problems that sometimes we do not understand and convert them into sawdust. It will be our task to take this sawdust and give a shape to it. Because what makes a computer engineer a good professional is not mastering many programming languages, but to understand the different algorithms and mathematical tools used to solve real life problems.

Perfect Chipperman is also the name of a song from an Atari ST scene musician, MC Laser / Lotek Style. Here are the links to the song and the author homepage. You will need an SNDH file player.

The project will evolve. I have created a Youtube channel where I will upload tutorials.