Thursday, 5 January 2017

The Atom text editor and Rust

Atom is a modern text editor developed in Javascript by the people responsible of GitHub. In their blog you can find many tips and tricks to enhance it. I have tried this editor and works really nicely. It has a good integration with GitHub. They have done a really good promotional video with vintage aesthetics. You should have a look:

One of the best things about this editor is that it has many plug-ins that will help us to develop in Rust, the new systems language developed by Mozilla. And it works really well!!! If we set these plug-ins properly we will have code auto-completion and error highlighting. I have made a guide to help you setting up everything. This is the list of plug-ins I have installed so far and the commands needed:

language-rust - Rust language support in Atom.

apm install language-rust

linter-rust - Lint rust files, using rustc and cargo. Checks for errors in the code

apm install linter
apm install linter-rust

racer - Intelligent rust code completion. This one is bit more tricky, you need also the racer binary:

Check if language-rust plug-in is installed
Follow the steps on github to install racer or use the binary provided by mozilla
apm install racer
Download the rust source code and extract it
Configure racer from atom: Set the paths to the racer executable and the Rust source code

rust-api-docs-helper - Allows to check the Rust standard library automatically
apm install rust-api-doc-helper

You get the idea. It is very easy!!! Once installed the plug-ins can be updated automatically.
I hope you like this entry. Please post your comments with your experiences and share this post with your friends. Have you tried other alternatives to develop in Rust?