Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Guy Kawasaki, digital evangelism

Back in 1992 my first personal computer arrived home, a Macintosh Performa 460. How did this computer sneak into my room? Well, at that time GNU/Linux had only one year, it didn't provide an user experience. In addition, versions of Windows prior to Windows 95 were very limited compared with what the MacOS 7.5 system was offering. Finally, software / hardware was the best in terms of graphics and sound (Apple Sound Manager System), allowing me to enjoy the best versions of games like Sim City 2000 or Prince of Persia (flame mode on).

But none of these was the reason why the computer entered the house. I was just 12 years old and my parents had no idea about computers. The reason was Mr. Guy Kawasaki, born in Hawaii in 1954:

Guy Kawasaki. Licencia: CC by 2.0. Fuente: WikipediaGeeJo

Guy Kawasaki started working at Apple Computer in 1983. He worked in the Macintosh marketing team for four years as chief evangelist. He returned again for Apple in 1995. The term evangelism was introduced by Mike Murray, another Apple worker. He convinced my neighbour to recommend Macintosh through evangelism.

What is evangelism? Well, it is a marketing technique that excites users about the quality of a product so much that they will start recommending it to others. Today, this technique is also known as trust channels in the talk, think and trust marketing. But evangelism was different, like a religion it had an spiritual part. Industry magazines and websites (there were no blogs) followed this model in its contents, increasing the readers loyalty to the brand and positioning them against the PC. Also, this strategy was reinforced with campaings like Think different. With such a cocktail you really ended thinking that you were saving your colleagues life by recommending Macintosh:

It was really nice while it lasted, and very effective. I admit being a victim of this strategy, even today I would sell you a classic Macintosh without thinking. But Windows 95 came out, free software grew up and everything ended. Personally I think it was a double-edged sword: it created a personal bond with the users, but when things went wrong many evangelists felt abandoned by Apple. I experienced this in Spain, where magazines like MacFormat, very focused on evangelism, had to close.

As you may remember. the firm did very badly until Steve Jobs returned, because Apple computers lost their advantage in innovation. About this Guy Kawasaki said in an interview that someone like Steve Jobs but with the incorrect ideas on what products to develop would ruin Apple. He also says that it is a miracle that Apple is still alive.

But what matters most to us is that Guy Kawasaki knew how to evangelise and sell. Nowadays he gives very good lectures and writes books for entrepreneurs:

What stands out about him is his transgressive style to introduce marketing concepts. With sentences like "Don't worry be crappy" meaning that you should release a new product fast to take competitive advantage or "Let one hundred flowers flourish", stating that when people starts using your product in ways that you did not expected you should take profit of it.

What do you think? Have you ever been a victim of evangelism? Have you ever had an annoying friend, victim of marketing?.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

New domain and bilingual blog

Starting a blog is not an easy task at the beginning. But I can truly say that creating new contents on the internet is so satisfying that I needed to take one step further. Having so many good work colleagues in the UK wanting to hear from you has triggered this (Well, and also the amount of people in the world that does not speak Spanish).

So I decided to buy a domain and dedicate different subdomains to a different languages. It is clear that I will not be able to do everything in Spanish and the other way around, but I will do my best. Let's see how the experiment goes.

Also, I changed the interface to go from one blog to the other using the menu bar.

As always, I've made everything thinking on you. So you can share your entries with your Spanish speaking friends. Enjoy!!!